Category: General Information

  • 2023 – 2024 Location and times

    For this season, we are playing at the Saint Paul’s church in Leaskdale (SPL), a double court gym. We play on Mondays from 9AM to 12PM noon starting 2023 September 11 until 2024 June 30. Some days may be cancelled or move per church request. If so, a notice will normally be published via the…

  • Interim 22YE Financials

    The 2022 Year End financial report is available, see link. Do note that some income and expenses were not captured by year end, and were carried forward into 2023. The 2023 year end reports will include from 2022 September.

  • Etiquette

    If spectators continuously comment on the play itself, while this is normal and fun, ask them not to if their comments are loud, disruptive, argumentative, hostile or combative. Teasing your opponents in a fun and lighthearted way, is part of Pickleball. But be careful – don’t tease someone who is sensitive, who you don’t know,…

  • Financial Challenges

    If you have financial challenges of any kind in paying the UPC pay schedule, please privately contact either Wayne Louie ( or Jude Yaksich (, by email or in person; the request and associated information will remain confidential.

  • Annual General Meeting

    The AGM will be held on Monday 2023 September 11th at 10:30am for 2 motions: (1) to accept current Executive and (2) accept the financial report. If you have anything to add to the agenda, please email Jude by August 31st. Current Executive: Jude Yaksich (Chairperson), Anne Irvine Vice (Chairperson), Wayne Louie (Treasurer and Bookkeeper),…

  • Splitting up the 3 hours of play

    The Executive have looked over this past year at where we can improve speed of game to decrease wait times and have decided that for all members and events: – Cap score at 9, and a 2-point win is not necessary. – No rallying before the game. – Please consider playing after 10:30am when attendance…

  • 2023 / 2024 Pay Schedule

    1. Pay Schedule We have put together a new pay schedule to cover the increased rent of the gymnasium and to accommodate snowbirds and those on holiday. To continue our liability insurance coverage through Pickleball Canada and Ontario, each member must be registered with both governing bodies at an annual cost of $20 total, plus…

  • Welcome players!

    This site hosts information about the club. See various news articles added occasionally regarding event times, tournaments, constitution, finances, etc.