2023 / 2024 Pay Schedule

1. Pay Schedule

We have put together a new pay schedule to cover the increased rent of the gymnasium and to accommodate snowbirds and those on holiday. To continue our liability insurance coverage through Pickleball Canada and Ontario, each member must be registered with both governing bodies at an annual cost of $20 total, plus an additional membership fee of $10 for UPC, and have a Pickleball ID#. We have also caped our membership at 50, an increase of 10 new members.

New Pay schedule:

Session 1 (Sept. – Dec.) $40

Session 2 (Jan. – Mar.) $30

Session 3 (April – June) $30

Annual Dues:

Pickleball Canada $10

Pickleball Ontario $10

UPC membership fee $10

The total cost for the year if playing all season is $130 or $13 per month.

This allows for flexibility and members who want to play for a few weeks during a session they have not paid for can come on a weekly basis at $5/week. You will need to do the math and find what works best for you. Receipts will be issued.

2. Payment

Payment: Will be collected on the first day of each session. Cash and cheques will be accepted and made out to Uxbridge Pickleball Club”. So please mark your calendar for – Monday September 11th, Monday January 8th, and Tuesday April 2nd as pay days.

3. Guests

Guests: All guests are limited to two visits lifetime at $5/day and have read and signed a liability waiver. After 2 visits they may join the membership online, having secured an ID# from Pickleball Canada and Ontario. No exceptions.






2 responses to “2023 / 2024 Pay Schedule”

  1. Sue Palmer Avatar
    Sue Palmer

    Good morning!

    Thank you, Jude, Anne, Wayne, Bill & Kelly for all that you’ve done and are doing for the Uxbridge Pickleball Club and all of us members!

    Congratulations! too, for setting up this user-friendly website. What a lot of thought and time and expertise have been expended to set this up…much appreciated.

    I’ve renewed my UPC membership through Pickleball Canada; I’m assuming that they’ll be sending our membership renewal reminders for the National and Provincial Pickleball organizations for the October 1st renewals.

    Inconveniently, I won’t be around September 11th to pay the $40 to cover the 1st Session UPC dues; I’m leaving on a trip September 3rd, and won’t be back until late on the 18th. So, I’ll miss our first 2 days of play. (I can’t say “Unfortunately,” because I feel very lucky to be going on this adventure, for a variety of reasons ;-))

    However, I really don’t want to miss out on the fun of playing whenever I can so, instead of risking the maximum membership having been reached before I get to play September 25th, I’m going to mail Wayne Louie a cheque to cover the $40 dues due September 11th.

    Wayne: I hope you don’t mind my doing this…yours is the only home address I happen to have on hand.

    Again, thanks to all who make Uxbridge “A Great Place to Play Pickleball”!

    1. Wayne Louie Avatar

      Sue, since you and I are friends, you can also e-transfer directly to me too, to cibc@wlouie.persons.ca if you wish. Unfortunately, e-transfer to UPC account incurs a cost, so we aren’t accepting payment that way.

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